Who and what?

Well hello there!

I’m Luke Darracott, a sort of Jack-of -all-trades type. Gastro tour guide, wine podcaster and tasting giver (www.spanishwineexperience.es), TV presenter, YouTube fool, travel and food writer, translator and all around glutton. My personal page is here if you want to know more www.lukedarracott.com

I created Meet the Tapas to provide a more focussed spotlight on the Spanish food that I have been stuffing in my face since moving here in 2009. Living in Madrid it’s easy to forget that what most people think is tapas…isn’t. So Meet the Tapas aims to provide a dish by dish, product by product, ingredient by drink personal introduction to everything tapas!

Ultimately tapas doesn’t necessarily refer to the plate size (though it often does in cities like Seville and Barcelona). It can be small, big, free or paid, called a pintxo, served at lunch or dinner. Tapas, for me anyway, is the Spanish culture of eating. Sharing food, bar hopping, eating and drinking at the same time and being social. It’s the opposite of a restaurant. Practically anything can be had as tapas, so, get stuck in!

I hope you enjoy the blog. Any questions feel free to ping me an email or post a comment!